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Our Mission Is To Help Build The City Our Kids Want To Call Home

Home to vibrant green space, engaging activations, and anchored by award-winning Pinkerton’s Barbecue, Legacy Park is an amenity for all who work and play in San Antonio – truly “Downtown’s Backyard.”

Life and Development in Downtown San Antonio

Weston Urban began in 2012 as an effort to attract and retain San Antonio’s new generation of talent by reviving the city’s center. With primary services in development, leasing, and lending, Weston Urban has helped to create and define the San Antonio skyline through both thoughtful historic redevelopment and strategic ground-up construction. 

Our firm builds with a purpose – to cultivate human connection through a vibrant urban core where pedestrian-friendly business, recreation, public spaces, art and culture attract the talent of today and tomorrow. 

Primed for Growth


The Greater San Antonio region is a place filled with character, community, caring, and soul. It’s a place where hard work, community and togetherness come together to form our way of life. Our deep-rooted history, pioneering spirit, and family-centered environment make the region an ideal place for businesses to call their own.


Cities with well-planned downtowns attract people with drive, talent and ideas – a synergy that we believe adds vitality to communities, strengthening the cultural fabric and the local economy. Consisting of over 1 million SF of commercial and retail space, Weston Urban’s portfolio strikes a balance between San Antonio’s newest office tower and some of its most historic buildings. 

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