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Responsible Change
for San Antonio

Diversity, Growth & Stability

Weston Urban loves San Antonio and its surrounding region and wants the best life for its citizens. With an ambitious and responsible vision for downtown expansion, we feel San Antonio has the opportunity to become the most vibrant downtown in Texas. 

San Antonio's population growth ranked second largest in nation.

This is the second consecutive year that San Antonio ranked second nationally in growth (raw numbers) in a single year. “The city is showing strong growth in both its suburban ring and urban core, and that probably is an indication of the kinds of jobs that are being created here — and that young professionals are finding San Antonio to be an attractive place to live, to work in.” said State Demographer Lloyd Potter, a professor of demography at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

SA Express News

23% of Population are Millennials (vs 17% US Average)

“With 20 and 30 somethings flocking to the seventh-largest city in the nation, San Antonio has become associated with a moniker that seemingly no one – outside the tech world that largely birthed it – saw coming…millennial magnet.”

SA Express News

50.8% six-year graduation rate at UTSA

“Our students understand that higher education is the great equalizer, and UTSA faculty and staff are committed to providing every resource possible to help our students be successful.” – UTSA President Taylor Eighmy

UTSA Today

San Antonio Business Ownership Trends Since 2019 - 133% More Black-owned & 22% More Women Owned*

“2020 presented more deserving attention to gaps in business representation across race, gender, business size, and industry.”

– Jenna Saucedo-Herrera President & CEO of San Antonio Economic Development Foundation

*Sourced from the 2020 SA Economic Foundation Annual Report

Over 400,000 Headquarters are in San Antonio and Growing

“With city leadership being pro-business, investing in infrastructure and keeping property taxes low – combined with a lower cost per square foot for Class A office space, it is an attractive place to do business than other cities nationwide.”

Chicago Business Journal

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Information sourced by:


San Antonio’s bustling downtown is a vibrant live-work-play-learn zone for tech jobs, startups, and young professional life. From renovated historic buildings with unique features to new state-of-the-art office buildings, downtown San Antonio offers tech professionals, and the companies that employ them, a unique city center with a strong sense of place.

Click the map to take a virtual tour and discover everything that San Antonio’s downtown hub has to offer our burgeoning population of smart creatives.

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